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Magic, dance, sound art, juggling, film, acrobatics, DJ craft, music, cocktails and theater.

This year Object focuses on sound as object material.

Ranging from abstract movement studies to pieces of visual theater the program is filled with unique works and meetings with a diverse group of artists. Acrobatics producing the sound-score, theater work set to a film soundtrack and a music maker focusing on clashing incompatible sound ideas are just some picks from the diverse collection of events.


Festival Schedule

15 Oct, 2020

19:00 @ WHS Teatteri Union

Phantom Limb

The performer has an extra limb. It’s so familiar that it might share his heartbeats, and yet uncannily foreign. The performance situation is intimate and voyeristic as if it happens in a room with paper thin walls that let the voices of neighbours pass through. A solitary human figure reacts to the sounds that penetrate the space like they would originate in himself. He transforms from one speaker to another, listens, moves on tiptoe. The sound is produced in the immediate vicinity, yet in another reality, in a past time, and in a different culture. The foreign language of recorded speech is cut short by sudden sighs and croaks. Invisible horrors and pleasures take over the stage.

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16 Oct, 2020

19:00 @ Cirko

Rauli Dahlberg / RHC: O'DD
Sini Saari with pieces for ropes
Keiska Live set

Race Horse Company / Rauli Dahlberg: O'DD

Excerpt from performance O'DD

Sini Saari

is an aerial acrobat specializing in highly detailed and technical work on aerial ropes.


is a Helsinki-based music maker focusing on bringing together sound materials that should be incompatible, frictional conflicting yet finding ways that resonate within himself.

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17 Oct, 2020

13:30 @ Films

Reinhild Hoffmann: Bretter - VIER - 1991 - Coda

Performance recording

Sounds of colliding objects ring through the space. The German Tanztheater legend Reinhild Hoffmann sets human bodies against the rigid forms of wooden boards, stone slabs and metal bars. Geometric abstraction impacts expressive movements in the minimalistic struggle against weight and constraint.
The choreographies in the film were recorded in 1993 at a reverberant industrial hall of a former ammunition factory in Karlsruhe. Their soundscape is composed of the dancer's carefully orchestrated slams, scrapes and rings of objects against the rough surfaces of the space, with the addition of composer Elena Kats-Chernin's contribution.

Video documentation, VAMP Video Art Magazine Production, 10.07.2009.
Direction and Production: Egon Bunne
Free entrance (limited number of seats)

15:00 @ WHS Teatteri Union

Sound as an Object seminar


Speakers: Kalle Nio, Hans Rosenström, Ville Pulkki, Anna Nykyri & co.

Sense of hearing gives us a place in the world. Unlike vision, hearing can not be switched off. Ears don’t have lids. Our sense of hearing is constantly feeding an impression of the world around us to our brain. But our hearing can also be deceived. Different methods of producing and recording sound give possibilities for creating illusions of concrete objects and surroundings. At best these illusions can feel eerily real. Sound as an Object seminar looks into and listens to use of sound in art as a building material for invisible worlds and objects. Speakers in the seminar include Kalle Nio, Hans Rosenström, Ville Pulkki and Anna Nykyri & co.

Seminar will be concluded with a presentation of an 8-channel immersive sound installation "Sonic Presence of an Absent Choreography” by Anna Nykyri, Félix Blume, Veli Lehtovaara and Andrea Valencia. The work presents a choreographic environment consisting entirely of recorded sound of a dance. First presented in 2019 Prague Quadrenniale this is the first time the work can be experienced in Finland. Duration appr. 7mins. The work is presented multiple times in succession, and can be experienced following safe distance practices.

Free entrance (limited number of seats), Language / kieli: Finnish / suomi

19:00 @ Cirko

Arttu Lahtinen
DJ Massimo


is a collision of dance and juggling. Bodies and objects conjure up images that are at times wild and humouristic, at times thoughtful and calm. Through the 8-limb club knot, the headspinning plank and featherdance of balance, Amalgam takes the audience on an unexpected journey to the crossroads of dance and juggling.
Juggler: Onni Toivonen
Dancer: Wilma Seppälä
Music: Konsta Leinonen


Habitat: braids and cords in the air or on the ground
Body: four hands, four legs, two heads
Nutrition: Ropes
Responds to the call: Myrsky (Rönkä) and Marjut (Hernesniemi)
Symbiosis Syn together, bios living. Symbiosis is an any type of a close and long term biological interaction between two different organisms. Music: Teemu Kiiskilä

Arttu Lahtinen

is a juggler and object manipulator specializing in minimalistic and mesmerizing movement work with round objects.

DJ Massimo

Beat juggling & scratching & mixing

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18 Oct, 2020

15:00 @ WHS Teatteri Union

Pierre Étaix: Yoyo (1965)

The magical appearance of a wine glass is dwarfed by an elephant entering the room. The film smirks nearly silently with its clown face of classic circus gags and carefully timed comedy scenes. As a film director, a magician and a clown Pierre Étaix is a true successor of the grandest silent era masters.
Before his film career he drew illustrations in Paris and performed in cabarets and circus. Besides directing and acting he collaborated with others like Jacques Tati and Jerry Lewis. Ètaix returned to clowning after marrying Annie Fratellini, with whom he founded the École National du Cirque, later known as Académie Fratellini.

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